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Best Customers! Committed to Excellent Service!

Check out our excellent reviews! We are a 5 Star Business. You won't be disappointed!

Sophie L. from Fredericksburg, VA

When I submitted my request, I received a response from TJ within the hour. Immediately we were able to coordinate a date and time and he was very responsive. He even followed up with me to confirm the date and time, and even offered other times. He was punctual, professional and his work quality was top notch. I am saving his contact information to hire him again for all of my furniture assembly work. His work was impeccable.

Kim J. from Upper Marlboro, MD

Awesome experience! On time, fast and quality work. Will Hire again!!

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Kelly J. from Waldorf, MD

TJ was extremely professional and offered a reasonable price to assemble my twins cribs. He was on time, quick and didn’t make a mess. He even took the time to go beyond what was needed by breaking down the boxes, using trash bags & offered to dispose the packaging. I’m extremely demanding when I hire someone to perform a job I would hire him again in a heart beat.

Mike S. from Fredericksburg, VA

TJ did an awesome job. Can’t thank him enough for the work and I will be hiring him again in a few weeks to hang more televisions. I couldn’t have made a better choice with this company!

Norman S. from Fredericksburg, VA

TJ did a great job of coming out to our home to assemble a room full of furniture. He is extremely professional, and is a great communicator. His prices are fair, and I would definitely recommend him to others. He performed a lot of work for us, and stayed late to finish the job.

Tracie S. from Fredericksburg, VA

Replies promptly is professional and flexible will definitely use him again!

Mimi F. from Stafford County, VA

TJ is a very professional craftsman that is serious about his business. He arrived on time, completed the work and did a fantastic job! His prices are reasonable, we’ll certainly be using him again.

Beth W. from Laplata, MD

Prompt, courteous, professional, capable, trustworthy. I cannot say enough positive things about TJ and his work! He assembled two kids loft beds for us, and they turned out great. If you’re looking for someone to assemble your furniture, you can’t go wrong with TJ!

John Easter from Clinton, MD

If you want good reliable service, in a timely manner, just contact TJs Furniture & Fitness Equipment Co! He is very reliable and professional. TJ was is very knowledgeable of doing the job at hand, and I highly recommend him. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate him a 10 and above.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote on your next project! If you are buying from sites like Wayfair, Amazon, Office Depot, we will price match or do it for less than their provided assembly service.  

We ask to provide a link, make/model number or photo of item to give an accurate estimate.


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BUY back your time and peace of mind doing the things you have passion for, not assembling your new one thousand piece desk purchase!

No worries TJ's Assembly Services will take care of it for you! :)

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Are you creating a new home office space and bought new furniture but don't have the time and tools to put it together?
TJs offers great quality service at a reasonable price.

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We assemble bedroom, living, dining, kitchen and bath furniture. We want you to enjoy sleeping in your bed than long hours creating back pain and frustration for just putting it together.

Treadmill Walking


QUIT WAITING to get that fitness journey started! We will assemble that new treadmill for you! Let it be this season, not next year!



Adding that new game table to the family room is a great way to keep the family together!

NOTE: Home owner may be asked to help assist in flipping over game table after assembly is complete.

Currently, not assembling slate pool tables.



TJ can mount your TV to your wall safetly using either your mount or a provided mount.

Get in Touch

T.J.'s Assembly Services is committed to helping you with every job. Call anytime to discuss how T.J. can help you immediately.

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Southern Maryland (Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, South Prince George's) Central (Caroline, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford County) and Parts of the Northern Neck Virginia

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